YouTube is fined $ 170 million for not protecting children’s privacy on YouTube

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Google has recently agreed to pay $ 170 million in fines and to take protective measures following a lawsuit over the privacy of children on YouTube.YouTube is fined

The New York City Attorney’s Office has ruled it is wrong according to the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA) to track children’s under-13s in various ways and use that data to target advertisements YouTube is fined.

FTC Chairman Joe Simons said, “YouTube touted its popularity with children to prospective corporate clients.”.

Also, “Yet when it came to complying with COPPA, the company refused to acknowledge that portions of its platform were clearly directed to kids. There’s no excuse for YouTube’s violations of the law.”

According to the YouTube blog, within 4 months they will limit the data collection of all viewers who are watching the videos which are published for children, even if the adult is watching the video.

In addition, they have decided to stop posting targeted ads while displaying these contents. Youtube also wrote comments and notifications will no longer be available on children’s content like this as well.

However, some people condemned the decision, saying that the fine was small and the changes needed to protect the children’s privacy were inadequate.

This is the largest fine ever imposed by the commission in a child privacy case, and a $ 5.7 million fine previously filed against the owner of the social video sharing app TikTok YouTube is fined.

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